Short Takes

REGARDING Wayne Enks’ letter about cyclists (Letters, 21/10): Wait till you’re walking down Memorial Drive at Bar Beach and they go faster than cars. And if you happen to get out on the beach side between Bar and Cliff and they’re going full tilt and have to brake or swerve to miss your door or even you, well lookout for the death stares and abuse that’s coming your way. And yes I do look in the mirrors before I get out.

Bryn Roberts, New LambtonWATCHING New Zealand’s new Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern giving a press conference was such a refreshing difference to watching our pollies(Nick Xenophon excluded). There was no disrespecting the public by wishy-washy evasive and manipulated answers, leaving those listening no further enlightened. Our mob especially Malcolm should watch and learn how to respect their citizens when answering questions. If they can’t be up front and honest with us, they can’t go crying because people have lost respect for them.

Allan Earl, ThorntonTHE Greens would be rejoicing the end of Holden, they also are hell-bent on the demise of the meat, coal and fishing industries,also recreational angling and hunting. But don’t despair, for I have gazed into my crystal ball and it revealed the millions of jobs lost in the green dream will be replaced. No more butcher or baker for our destiny has chosen the candle stick maker.

Steve Barnett, Fingal BayLIKE the man said, life really wasn’t meant to be easy and though old age might not be that bad, because so many people these days are giving it a go, the bride says not to be confused by any old men you come across who are not grumpy. They’ve just not been paying attention.

Ron Elphick, Buff PointHEAR, Hear, Greg Stewart (Short Takes, 21/10). Nothing beats Newcastle station for people in wheelchairs, it’s that good. Opening onto where there is so much, all on the flat. A place that does not get the basics right is not smart. Newcastle Now? Not really. Inclusiveness should be part of Newcastle’s DNA. Shame.

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin ParkTHE recent speed boat races at the northern end of Lake Macquarie were a huge success and judging buy the crowds, it’s getting bigger each year.The event also highlighted the need for more car parking, especially at Warners Bay. Finding a car park is difficult at the best of times and with all the building going on and more businesses coming to town including Aldi, more parking is essential.There are two vacant blocks of land, one on the corner of King & John St’s the other on the corner of Charles & Lake St’s, the latter has been fenced off. Why can’t these blocks be opened up even if only for “rough parking”.

Neil Meyers, Warners BayTHE POLLSWHAT do you do to chill out after a stressful day?

Meditate 0%,Work out 14.29%,Eat delicious food 14.29%,Take a nap 28.57%,Go for a walk 28.57%,Keep a journal 0%,Talk it out 14.29%

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