Short Takes

END of an Australian icon –the last Holden rolls off the assembly line today ending the car manufacturing industry along with Ford and Toyota. That $122 million spent on a stupid postal vote would be better spent on the car industry. This Liberal government should hang their heads in shame and get their priorities right.

Col Page,AdamstownI WRITE in reply to the item by Margaret Priest(Short Takes, 19/10), you’re correct, Hillary Clinton has nobody else but herself to blame for losing the United Statespresidential election. Then again, Donald Trump’s no better in my opinion. It reminds me, back in 1974 they had one president, Gerald Ford. I doubt if that poor man knew what day it was.

David Davies,Blackalls ParkI WOULD like to see how the cost of a new parking spot in Lake Macquarie between $25k and $60k was arrived at. You have got to be joking.

Graeme Bennett,Warners BaySUPERCARS with the active collaboration of our mayor have and are continuing to trash and vandalise our once beautiful city. Foreshore Park now resembles a prison and we are still six weeks away from a three-day race. All we get from Supercars and the council is spin. How have we allowed a private company to do this to us?

John Hudson,Newcastle EastJUST received my NCC newsletter. Having taken an interest in politics for 50 years, I’ve encountered lots of spin, double-talk, deception, exaggeration and misinformation from various politicians but the “blurb” from our Lord Mayor, in describing the upcoming Supercars weekend takes the prize.

Ross Edmonds,WaratahThe NSW governmentspending millions on road and rail and now going to spend millions more on sports arenas. Would you please start thinking about the people and upgrade every hospital in the state first? Our health system needs a complete overhaul.

Barry Spaulding,CardiffHEY Edward Duc and Evelyn King (Herald,19/10) have you both experienced getting around town in a wheelchair? You’re a bit flippant in your remarks. I used to be able to navigate Newcastle, but no more now the train doesn’t go to Newcastle.

Greg Stewart, BeresfieldRICHIE Blanch (Short Takes, 19/10), if you want to win the affection of your new love interest, I can help. I am sure a big juicy rump and a bag of brisket will impress the lovely lady. Personally, an alpaca would be my choice, can’t resist those eyelashes.

Steve Barnett,Fingal BayTHE POLLSSHOULD developers be allowed to build in the rail corridor if it means more jobs will be created?

No 56.1%,Yes 43.9%WHAT does Newcastle need right now more than anything else?

Better public transport 35.62%,More tourism attractions 26.03%,Improved health services 15.07%,More environmentally friendly waste management 9.59%,Better roads 8.22%,More schools 5.48%

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