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Short Takes


I WONDER if the cat that got caught in the fox trap was the cat that killed my chooks? How many native birds and lizards have cats killed while wandering the streets? It’s about time cat owners took responsibility for their pets and kept them on their own property.
Nanjing Night Net

Peter Mathie,MandalongEXTREMELY important for the City of Newcastle! Closing date for submissions for the zoning of the transport corridor is this Monday, October23 at 5pm.Hand delivery at the City Council Administration Building, King Street, Newcastle, or online at the Newcastle City Council website.

Elaine Street,MerewetherWHILE overrated TV cash for comment media types squabble over millions of dollars pay between the sexes, I find it strange that the Fair Work Commission and the Federal Court, who earn mega dollars per week and never work weekends, makes a ruling that low paid workers who work Sundays deserve a pay cut. We are all equal in the eyes of the law? Tell ’em they’re dreaming.

Richard Ryan,Summerland PointMARGARET Priest (Short Takes, 19/10), Hillary Clinton may not have been the best president for the USA but she would have been better than Trump – he has upset everyone.

Colin Geatches,MayfieldTHE only real difference between the East-Enders and the rest of us is that when they want to go down to the local shops to get bread and milk, they will have to make sure that they are going 200km/h by the time they get to the end of their driveway.

Simon Ruddy,NewcastleI WAS wondering, seeing that there is so much progress going on in Newcastle lately, the poor coastguard operators have been shoved aside once again, stuck over in Carrington out of site and out of mind. The obvious place to have them located would be in one of the buildings at Nobbys lighthouse. Surely there is room for them to operate from there as most of the shipping movements are controlled from the harbour nowadays. It is a vital service for our boaties, so why doesn’t the council pull a few strings and try to make this happen? Many coastguard stations along the coast are located right on the water or very close to it. C’mon council, do something positive. And don’t think of the cost involved, it will probably save a life.

Bob Miller,ThorntonTHE POLLSWOULD you consider ditching the car and riding to work?

I already ride to work 34.75%,No. I don’t feel safe on the road 25.53%,No. I live too far away 19.86%,Yes. Maybe once a week 9.93%,Sure. Every day 9.93%DO the Newcastle Jets have a shot at making the finals this season?

Sure do 74.44%,It’s too early to tell 24.06%,No 1.5%DOthe Knights have what it takes to make it to the top 8 next season?

Yes 87.5%,No 6.25%,It’s too early to tell 6.25%

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Short Takes


END of an Australian icon –the last Holden rolls off the assembly line today ending the car manufacturing industry along with Ford and Toyota. That $122 million spent on a stupid postal vote would be better spent on the car industry. This Liberal government should hang their heads in shame and get their priorities right.
Nanjing Night Net

Col Page,AdamstownI WRITE in reply to the item by Margaret Priest(Short Takes, 19/10), you’re correct, Hillary Clinton has nobody else but herself to blame for losing the United Statespresidential election. Then again, Donald Trump’s no better in my opinion. It reminds me, back in 1974 they had one president, Gerald Ford. I doubt if that poor man knew what day it was.

David Davies,Blackalls ParkI WOULD like to see how the cost of a new parking spot in Lake Macquarie between $25k and $60k was arrived at. You have got to be joking.

Graeme Bennett,Warners BaySUPERCARS with the active collaboration of our mayor have and are continuing to trash and vandalise our once beautiful city. Foreshore Park now resembles a prison and we are still six weeks away from a three-day race. All we get from Supercars and the council is spin. How have we allowed a private company to do this to us?

John Hudson,Newcastle EastJUST received my NCC newsletter. Having taken an interest in politics for 50 years, I’ve encountered lots of spin, double-talk, deception, exaggeration and misinformation from various politicians but the “blurb” from our Lord Mayor, in describing the upcoming Supercars weekend takes the prize.

Ross Edmonds,WaratahThe NSW governmentspending millions on road and rail and now going to spend millions more on sports arenas. Would you please start thinking about the people and upgrade every hospital in the state first? Our health system needs a complete overhaul.

Barry Spaulding,CardiffHEY Edward Duc and Evelyn King (Herald,19/10) have you both experienced getting around town in a wheelchair? You’re a bit flippant in your remarks. I used to be able to navigate Newcastle, but no more now the train doesn’t go to Newcastle.

Greg Stewart, BeresfieldRICHIE Blanch (Short Takes, 19/10), if you want to win the affection of your new love interest, I can help. I am sure a big juicy rump and a bag of brisket will impress the lovely lady. Personally, an alpaca would be my choice, can’t resist those eyelashes.

Steve Barnett,Fingal BayTHE POLLSSHOULD developers be allowed to build in the rail corridor if it means more jobs will be created?

No 56.1%,Yes 43.9%WHAT does Newcastle need right now more than anything else?

Better public transport 35.62%,More tourism attractions 26.03%,Improved health services 15.07%,More environmentally friendly waste management 9.59%,Better roads 8.22%,More schools 5.48%

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Short Takes


REGARDING Wayne Enks’ letter about cyclists (Letters, 21/10): Wait till you’re walking down Memorial Drive at Bar Beach and they go faster than cars. And if you happen to get out on the beach side between Bar and Cliff and they’re going full tilt and have to brake or swerve to miss your door or even you, well lookout for the death stares and abuse that’s coming your way. And yes I do look in the mirrors before I get out.
Nanjing Night Net

Bryn Roberts, New LambtonWATCHING New Zealand’s new Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern giving a press conference was such a refreshing difference to watching our pollies(Nick Xenophon excluded). There was no disrespecting the public by wishy-washy evasive and manipulated answers, leaving those listening no further enlightened. Our mob especially Malcolm should watch and learn how to respect their citizens when answering questions. If they can’t be up front and honest with us, they can’t go crying because people have lost respect for them.

Allan Earl, ThorntonTHE Greens would be rejoicing the end of Holden, they also are hell-bent on the demise of the meat, coal and fishing industries,also recreational angling and hunting. But don’t despair, for I have gazed into my crystal ball and it revealed the millions of jobs lost in the green dream will be replaced. No more butcher or baker for our destiny has chosen the candle stick maker.

Steve Barnett, Fingal BayLIKE the man said, life really wasn’t meant to be easy and though old age might not be that bad, because so many people these days are giving it a go, the bride says not to be confused by any old men you come across who are not grumpy. They’ve just not been paying attention.

Ron Elphick, Buff PointHEAR, Hear, Greg Stewart (Short Takes, 21/10). Nothing beats Newcastle station for people in wheelchairs, it’s that good. Opening onto where there is so much, all on the flat. A place that does not get the basics right is not smart. Newcastle Now? Not really. Inclusiveness should be part of Newcastle’s DNA. Shame.

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin ParkTHE recent speed boat races at the northern end of Lake Macquarie were a huge success and judging buy the crowds, it’s getting bigger each year.The event also highlighted the need for more car parking, especially at Warners Bay. Finding a car park is difficult at the best of times and with all the building going on and more businesses coming to town including Aldi, more parking is essential.There are two vacant blocks of land, one on the corner of King & John St’s the other on the corner of Charles & Lake St’s, the latter has been fenced off. Why can’t these blocks be opened up even if only for “rough parking”.

Neil Meyers, Warners BayTHE POLLSWHAT do you do to chill out after a stressful day?

Meditate 0%,Work out 14.29%,Eat delicious food 14.29%,Take a nap 28.57%,Go for a walk 28.57%,Keep a journal 0%,Talk it out 14.29%

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Taking a local perspective on a global leadership issue


LEADER: David Pich says that lessons on global leadership can be found locally.This article is sponsored bythe Instituteof Managers and Leaders.
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As chief executive of apeak Australian leadership body, the one question that I am often asked is; ‘Is there a crisis of leadership in the world today?’

It’s one of those questions that is usually put to me in the hope of producing a pithy soundbite – perhaps about Trump, Brexit or the leaders of some of our local high street banks (feel free to insert your own favourite example of poor leadership here!).

But here’s the thing about what I call ‘the crisis question’; it shows a common mistake that we make when we consider the quality of leadership and today’s leaders. There’s a tendency to ‘think global’.


It’s understandable, of course. It’s impossible to escape the news about leadership issues around the world. These stories are everywhere, from the television screen to our Twitter feeds. There’s no denying that leadership is a global issue.

But it’s a local issue too.

In my view, if we all spent more time focusing on local leadership issues and local leaders we would see a different perspective on, and get a far more balanced picture of, the current leadership landscape.

For example, I spend time with my two young daughters while they play soccer in the local park on the Saturday morning and I see plenty of great leaders using their leadership skills with the kids (and their parents!) right across the ten or more fields in use.

The gift of listening. The art of negotiation. A positive attitude to problem solving.

These are all important skills that can be used from the playground right up to the boardroom.

There are leadership lessons to be found in the most unlikely of places.

I like to view these – and the many other examples of local leadership – as being the antidote to the seemingly never ending drip feeding of bad news stories.

Of course, I take a keen interest in issues of global leadership too, but sometimes it’s good to look beyond the crises and to celebrate local leadership.

There are lessons to be learnt everywhere.

‘Looking local’ and giving a shout out to someone you know who’s leading well close to home is one of the best strategies in crisis management when it comes to leadership.

David Pich FIML is the chief executive of the Institute of Managers and Leaders (formerly the Australian Institute of Management).

This article is sponsored by the Instituteof Managers and Leaders.

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‘Self-promotion’: Advertising campaign to showcase Gladys to the people


The NSW Liberals are preparing an advertising campaign to showcase the government’s infrastructure credentials and lift the profile of Premier Gladys Berejiklian 17 months before the 2019 election.
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The proposed campaign, raised by NSW Liberal state director Chris Stone at a meeting of the party executive on Friday night, is understood to include television ads as well as social media.

It is set to focus on the government’s achievements, but a senior Liberal source said the ads were also designed “to lift Gladys’s profile”.

Plans for the Liberal campaign coincide with new polling that shows Ms Berejiklian has a net favourable rating with NSW voters, but that even after eight months as Premier more than a third remain “neutral” about her and five per cent have never heard of her.

In the ReachTEL poll of 1647 NSW voters commissioned by Fairfax Media 31.1 per cent said they have a favourable opinion of Ms Berejiklian.

A further 25.4 per cent said their opinion is unfavourable, 38.3 per cent said they were neutral and 5.2 per cent said they had never heard of Ms Berejiklian.

Ms Berejiklian is most popular among those aged 65 and over, of which 40.4 per cent returned a favourable response, 19.9 per cent unfavourable and 36.8 per cent neutral.

She is least popular among 18- to 34-year-olds with just 24.6 per cent holding a favourable opinion, while 33.7 per cent said their view was unfavourable and a further 34.9 per cent neutral.

In the same poll, Opposition Leader Luke Foley returned a net negative approval rating, with 27 per cent saying their opinion was negative compared with 23.6 per cent who said it was favourable.

However, 42.9 per cent said their opinion was neutral, while 6.6 per cent said they had never heard of Mr Foley.

Mr Foley is most popular among 18- to 34-year-olds, with 26.4 per cent saying they have a favourable opinion. But even among that age group, 32.3 per cent said their opinion was unfavourable, with 30 per cent remaining neutral.

The campaign comes as the government is spending more than $13 million on “Tomorrow’s Sydney” advertising designed to pacify commuters frustrated by the amount of infrastructure related construction work around the city.

The opposition has slammed the spending on the ads, which are set to run until 2018-19, as government “self promotion”.

Fairfax Media has also revealed the government is spending $2 million on advertising that will run through the 2019 election spruiking the benefits of the $17 billion WestConnex motorway.

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